Porter Tablet Dock and Utensil Holder, Teal

Porter Tablet Dock and Utensil Holder, Teal


The Stak Ceramics Porter Tablet Dock and Utensil Holder is a stylish stand for your tablet that doubles as a convenient place to store your favorite cooking utensils.  The wooden base is designed to keep your tablet safely on display while you prepare a recipe from your favorite food blog.  The slim oval crock provides ample storage for your kitchen utensils while conserving counter space.  The durable maple wood base features specially designed channels to hold your power cord in place while your tablet is charging.

The Porter Tablet Dock is made from a white earthenware clay body and is finished with a glossy Teal glaze.  Designed and produced in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dimensions: 6.25”D x 8”W x 8”H

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