Take a Second Phone Vase

Take a Second Phone Vase

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At Stak Ceramics, we pride ourselves on providing you with high quality ceramic work. 

As you may, or may not know, the process of firing ceramics 2-3 times can result in pieces that have defects.  This means that some pieces that come out of the kiln, don’t make the cut.  Whether it is a warped rim, a pinhole or glaze imperfection, we inevitably have pieces that don’t pass through quality control (A.K.A Heather or Myles).

We are now offering these “seconds” for sale at a discounted price.

By purchasing our seconds, you are helping support a family business, keep work out of landfills & reduce waste and receive a piece that is perfectly functional but, has “a little character”

Thank you for your support!

-Heather & Myles  

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